I Am Coming To Paris (To Kill You)

The peaks.

Mariachi band at Josh Robertson’s wedding.


Dan Z.


Johnny Mattson and Andrew Paynter backstage at the Battery.


Tommy G, Mattson 2, Andrew Paynter and EK.


Angel island ferry.


Found some watering holes in Santa Cruz.


Yo también!


My new whip.


Sone of Kemet at SF Jazz Center.


Casey on her birthday at Mount Davidson.


Delores hill bomb contest.


China beach.


Polar plunge.




Julien got a new camera.


Family dinner.


I saw Morrissey for the 7th time since moving to the US.


They made us throw out our gladiolas.


He swapped out Meat is Murder for Bullfighter.


I tried but failed to get his shirt.


I met up with Evan in Paris at the tail end of a 3-week Snack Skateboards trip through Europe.  He was showing his latest collection for fashion week.


The Kinoris.


Ev’s showroom.




Free beer though.


Soy Panday.


Leah and Evan.


Le Courbusier’s Villa Savoye.




Tourist stuff.




Random car on fire.


Snack finished off their tour at Nozbone in Paris. The trip was full of good memories and thankfully nobody got arrested.


Hash report.






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