In The Desert A Mouth

Summer in San Francisco, with a few weekend trips to the desert.

Cass McCombs played at the Chapel. The last time I saw him perform was in the basement of Max Fish.


We rented a farmhouse in Tomales bay for Kira’s birthday.


The trampoline was built into the ground so if you flew off you’d be pitched into the bushes.


The water was (almost) warm enough to swim.


Evan and I have been skating or biking nearly every day. On this day we did both.


Evan Kinori backside wallride and ollie.


Evan waxed the ledge with his leftover birthday candles.


DJ Rosa backside lipslide on market street. The woman to the left was shooting heroin in broad dayload.


More market street characters. This guy had a leash for his bunny but was letting it roam free.


Chris Athens ollies while Zach Chamberlin films.


This balloon had “Levis” written on it. I hit it with the flash hoping to blow it out, but had to clone out the remaining bits with Photoshop.


DJ Rosa 5050.


Evan’s clothing¬†line is now available at Dover Street Market¬†(NY).


Mint plaza gang.


Nile Gibbs 360 flip over the grate.


Justin Albert.


It feels like every other weekend there’s a protest in San Francisco.


A reaction to Trump’s (now infamous) meeting with Putin.


I’ve swam in the bay once or twice in my entire six years of living in San Francisco (too cold).


Ando (FTC) and Sam at a houseparty.


Find yourself a girl who will ride to the bar with you like this.


Makeout Room.


EK biking to the spot. Bonesaw (Snack Skateboards) at the mic.


Belle and Sebastian played at the Fox. The crowd went wild for Piazza.


EK got a concussion at SOMA park. He was back to skating a few days later.


Dylon and a birthday ballon I found in my apartment’s trash room.


I bike past this sign nearly every day and never noticed “Henry Sanchez“. I got a VR headset to mess around with; Nicole looks lost.


Headed to southern California for the 4th of July long weekend.


This was from an exhibit called Beyond The Streets. Mostly filled with street art / graffiti stuff. Kinda stoops.


This guy was unconscious outside the venue. No idea what happened. I snuck this photo and a bunch of dudes with face tattoos threatened me.


Left LA and headed into the desert.


Palm Springs.


Joshua Tree.


Noah Purifoy.


Gram Parsons RIP.





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