South Pacific

The reef was hungry for Marc’s face the last day. I still got a bunch of reef tattoos on my feet so I wonder how he is doing.

Matahi looks like he is consistently having the most fun out there.


Jeremy on our first day before we saw any waves.

I made the mistake of not packing any fins and wanted to shoot some behind the barrel. This was definitely the most scared I was on the trip.  Bourez, Duru, and Benji were flying by me in the wave and i was just barely making it down deep enough.  I felt the bigger waves pull me every time toward the reef.

Day one- 30 minute paddle out.

Bourez and Duru.


We only could fly with one board each so each session you were hoping not to break a board.


On my way in.

Thats an 8 ft wave a 25 minute kayak ride out.



“Fun size”

The westy was the scary one.  You’d get a reasonably sized wave, you’d turn and paddle back out and once in a few waves you would get caught by one of these bad boys that come out of nowhere.




Maru’u Micah

Bourez on one.


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