Foggy Memories

I found a chanterelle that I thought was the Jack-o’-lantern mushroom which looks like a chanterelle but it’s very poisonous. Every mushroom has an evil cousin. I threw it up. It was just a chanterelle.

Red grass: unknown.

Spider webs: unknown.

Species of fog: unknown.

I made my first VR video in this boat:

Fall is the new spring.

I like to go away from Mindy and then talk with Mindy while I’m away and then don’t talk when I get back.

Some people don’t want their photo taken in the city but it’s already too late by the time I find out their true feelings.

Washington Square Park, 2021

Malcolm eating Indian wraps with me and drinking smoothies afterwards. True friend.

My new Grandma comes with 97 years of wisdom. She just got back from Korea after thinking Korea would be her final resting place. It’s so great to have her back in town. Sending love to grandma’s around the world.

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