Paint Splatter

I usually make films and take pictures but I was told to stay put, so I painted instead.

This was my first quarantine painting. On instagram I saw a lot more nudity from people I follow and wondered if it had to do with isolation.


This was my second painting in quarantine of Mile Davis.


During the height of my Corona Virus fears, I came across an article about the most dangerous place in history. A time when dinosaurs roamed the Sahara Desert, which was then a lush rain forest.  At the moment of reading the article I felt that New York City was the most dangerous place on earth since we were living in the epicenter of the virus. This painting attempts to merge these two scary periods of time.


When you’re in quarantine with someone, you begin to know them better than you thought. This one is about how loving relationships aren’t always about “sexy time” like the movies show us. They’re more about finding comfort in being free with someone.


The Giant Snake Movie. (Future Movie)


This was a therapy painting where I imagined being in a water hole somewhere natural and beautiful and not in a cramped NYC apartment. It allowed me to disassociate.


This was is about our loss of trust with police departments worldwide.


I was thinking about white privilege while painting this one but not sure it comes across. My mom said she liked her expression.


While watching the memorial of George Floyd on my computer, I thought about how we all have a window into these tragic police brutality events. Our phones are like windows and social media is us sharing our windows with each other.


This is Snowflake the albino gorilla. His family of black furred gorillas were killed and he spent the rest of his life in a zoo where his caretaker fed him coca cola and spam.


This one is about how weaponizing victimhood leads to very horrific events. More horrific than the scariest film ever made.


This skateboard was auctioned off to support:


This one is called Escalating at the Wrong Address.


Don’t be violent.


Be euphoric.


This one makes me think about how dinosaurs had feathers.

Is it true? Lets talk about it for a while one day in person…



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