Upstate, New York is being destroyed by environmentalists who are protecting the forest so it’s time to fight back.

Tree’s are meant for jumping off. No other purpose.

Tree branches are gross and full of creepy crawlies. This is an infestation of Beech Blight Aphids. (Grylloprociphilus imbricator.)

We used our toxic human oils combined with bug spray to pollute the water hole so that one day this will all be cement and buildings.

Josh put on extra sun screen and bug spray to raise the waters acidity levels which killed all the fish as he splashed into the water.

Total annihilation of nature.

At night, we altered our minds in front of a chemically laced fire as carbon emissions filled the air.

A sleepy salamander asked us to keep the noise down, so we tossed it into the fire and turned up the Bose sound system. (Desmognathus ochrophaeus)

We all wished we could be partying at a bar without any nature around us so we used a strobe light to try and recreate the feeling of being in a cement night club. Nothing beats the real thing though.

Around 3am, Frankie met the ghost of nature and we never saw Frankie again. Nature always has it’s revenge.


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