Either Way


I tagged along on The Muckers’ first music video shoot and met Nancy Kote, a sick photographer.


Julia Khoroshilov, another sick photographer.

(The photos I took of The Muckers are on my website.)


There was a blood moon eclipse on a freezing night in January 2019. It was like 18°F and the locks to my car door were frozen, so I had to take a taxi to Elena’s.


Angel, Elena, Jenny, Syd.



Brandon, Elena, Syd, Jenny.


Zuzia, outside Market Hotel.




Alec and friends outside Baby’s All Right when Glove played.






Gnarcissists, pre-prom.


Gnarcissists, post-prom.


Shane and I at Pokito, taken by Syd presumably.


Syd and Shane, Pokito.


Jonathan Toubin’s had been DJing at Home Sweet Home since like the mid 2000s, then one day he was friends with a bunch of my friends, dancing and not DJing.




Sometimes you want take a nice photo and people respond with something else.


Ruby hopped in the back seat of my car at 5 am to escape some bro bro.






















These are some photos from throughout 2019 that didn’t seem to fit in other themed blog posts.




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  • DEITER kirkbride says:

    These photos warm my heart even tho I know maybe one person in the whole group (Brandon Mchugh) but it’s just amazing to see ones life thru another’s photography and the pictures are just so cool I love every capture it speaks volumes for every subject amazing. Work bravo I’ve taken quite some inspiration from all these thank you vm -DEITER

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