By The Manor

Bryan showing off to his younger sister Sarah.

The 1st time Derballa and I came across this rope swing was also 4th of July, 6 years prior. I shot a bunch of photos, but at some point while trying to troubleshoot something, I opened that camera, and mostly ruined the photos.

( blog post reference)

I thought for sure I’d go back and reshoot them, but then each summer we never went back, there was nothing else around there. I loved that spot but it wasn’t “that” epic.

Fast forward 6 years and our new friends, The Nude Party boys, moved to a country house in that town.


Lindsey and CJ.




That tire is heavy, we tried, but only the locals really knew how to handle it.


Alec, CJ.


The Manor.


Baby Joe Montana, CJ, Jazz.


It was deemed that marshmallows are pagan, sentenced to be burned on a cross.







Fungi yoga.


Party squash and scramble.




Kevin actually rolled away from this.


Alec said it was a 15 min walk to the swimming hole.




Sophie was actually cruising with a bottle balanced on her head for a bit.


3 hours later, still on that 15 minute walk.








The funny thing about this secluded swimming hole is there’s a highway rest stop just behind where everyone’s sitting.









Yazz performs a ceremonial washing.





If it were 5 years earlier we would’ve almost burnt the house down horsing around with this propane torch and had a good story… like 4th of July 2014 when we lit off a paper lantern and it floated towards the house while we¬†tried to shoot it down with bb guns, and then it landed by some hay we had to stomp out.


Yazz, Aida, Sophie.


Lazy and Bob.


Lazy, Lindsey, Oakley.


There’s something about summer that can make you nostalgic for being a kid.


I mean can you imagine coming across a big fan in your normal life and stopping to yell into it?


Sophie and Alec.



Jen and her chickies.


Alec, our host.


Whitey is all about the Wim Hof cold showers.

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