Friendly Fashions

Jess Danger had a fashion show on the L train from 8th ave into Brooklyn.

Peels had a Vans shoe release collaboration at the fancy members only club, Ludlow House, and let them put 2 big vert walls that went to the ceiling.


Angel and Syd walked in Jess Danger’s show.


It was right around after work time, but not a sardine commute.




Koko also walked in the show.



Jess Danger.



Allegra didn’t walk in the show, but was in the art show at Sunnyvale that was tied to the event.




A couple weeks later was the Peels event.



The space for the ramps was tight but kids were goin for it, the ceilings got a little wrecked, and a couple chandeliers were lost.



That’s Jerome Peel the man behind Peels , a clothing brand modeled after the work outfits of his father’s painting service, Peels Painting. Jerome also plays drums in Gnarcisissts, a band I like and shoot a lot.


He got a stretch limo that night.


These were taken at the end of August and early September, 2019.

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