Asparagus Pee

Some don’t get it, some can’t smell it.

Lars and Cole Wilson on a precarious crossing.


and Clem.


There’s nothing like cracking open that summer watermelon after lugging it on a lil’ hike just to find yellow rot inside.








Mosquitos try to protect the woods from destruction by humankind, they serve no other known purpose in the circle of life.





There was an epic rope swing that I have a bunch of photos of from past visits, and last year it broke. Only the tree and our hearts were hurt.





We weren’t in traffic, we were traffic.


We went explore new swimming spots, only to find them heavily regulated, but it was fun anyway, and we still managed to get an illegal undocumented cliff jump in.

















We gave each other the coooolest yin yang sun henna tats. Gosh we are so cool.




3 dorks in shorts.


Camping is illegal. There’s at least $700 here being given to the NYDEC.





These photos were taken during Summer 2018.

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