If you don’t sell your life…

During 2017-2018, I was loving riding my bicycle a lot, and took a handful of photos along the way.


This is one of the only self portraits I can remember taking.


It’s easy to find winter a nuisance, but it can be a beautiful adventure as well.


The moon was full and centered on my ride home. You might call it Moon-henge, or Bridge-henge, but it’s not really necessary.


This was a protest against war in Syria.


A Hasidic Brooklyn family frolicking late on a Saturday night.


I never noticed so many epic New York sunsets in my skate photo years, maybe because we were in denser building areas.


If you don’t sell your life, how do you buy back your soul? Down with wage slavery! As it was being washed off on Lafayette.


A silent performer on the arch at Washington Square Park.


Overlooking Washington Square Park.


The Lower East Side and up.


This snow storm was not as easy to ride in.


Looking out from Fort Greene Park.


A winter trim in McCarren Park. Someone could’ve used those trimmings for insulation in clothing or a blanket!


The FDR Drive, East River and Bridges from the 18th floor.


The Statue of Libery from the 54th Floor.


An articulated boom lift on Morton St. in the West Village.


The Statue of Liberty, again, but a month later and from the 17th floor.


Above Madison Square Park.


1 Irving Place off Union Square.


The Williamsburg Bridge, a Tom Fruin colored plexiglass house.


View from the Lower East Side.


View from Long Island City.


Andrew Kass throws renegade events at abandoned spaces. This one was an art show and party. It was in a lot that was going to be high rises, but was flooded during Hurricane Sandy, compromising the foundation with a few creepy lagoons.

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