Dance With Me, Dance With A Tree

Sway came back as an expensive white mutation of it’s previous self.


This is Rockaway dressed in white, at a different party.


I’m pretty sure this guy was warmer than we were.


This is our Moon shot through the 2nd Ave Astronomer Felton Davis’ telescope.


This is another moon, shot through my car, also near 2nd ave.


Tori was napping.


I ran into Jon Brown in our neighborhood skating home. Even though we’re neighbors, we rarely run into each other like this, and haven’t since.


Glynis and Moira, in the parking lot of the Nasty Women art show at Knockdown Center.


I tied Lexa’s mattress to my roof racks with just twine, so she kept making sure it wasn’t going to fly off into the East River as we crossed the Williamsburg Bridge.


Bijoux was napping and I woke her up.


Bijoux and Shir outside New Sway.


Sonya Belakhlef outside her 14th street DIY art space, Babycastles, on the day of the Women’s Strike.


Jah Jah Brown dressed up as Rocky, not for Halloween, but for April Fools’ Day.


I ran into Ted Barrow near the company he gives walking tours with, downtown on Broadway.




Andrea, Union Square.


Dustin Eggeling listening to his camera’s dial tone, in Soho.


This is a solar eclipse dress. It was a big solar eclipse year for Americans.


4th of July at the Lot Radio.


Pati Mera in the Lower East Side.


Nikki on Broadway.


Sabrina, a teenage witch?



Naz and Falla.


I ran into Yaje in Soho with his new Tompkins Square Park Alien Workshop pro models.


Danilo and Mindy were napping and I didn’t wake them up.



Nick Kivlen and Julia Cumming of Sunflower Bean.


Dan Zvereff at his birthday party.


Margaret when Secret Project Robot just opened in it’s new space and hadn’t finished decorating.


Eugenie and Tanya of Riot Of Perfume magazine.


Nazar celebrating his birthday, dancing with a tree.


Naz and Soko, sitting in a tree, at Elsewhere.


Sam sitting on a Naz, and Paige.


Sam is the sickest because he has zero social media accounts. There is nothing cooler.


…and there’s Matti.




Ana at Rebecca’s.


Isi, Stephanie, and Juan, leaving Rebecca’s.


Jin Kay Lee at home.


Jin and Dana, a photo duo.



These photos were taken around town circa 2017.


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