Lag BaOmer

Last month, Danilo, Sasha, and I were playing frisbee in McCarren Park when we got a hot tip about a party via video phone. The hasids over in south Williamsburg had a massive neighborhood block party w/ at least 2 bonfires and electronic music raging into the night.


For some reason audio was not recorded on this clip, but there is more further below.


I did my best to take photos w/o intruding too much on the celebrations. They have a lot of wild ones, and I didn’t know yet what this one was for, but mostly everyone seemed psyched.


The holiday is called Lag BaOmer, celebrating the day Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai released a landmark text of mystical secrets. So he was basically like wikileaks of the 2nd century.




Live electronic music, bonfires, circle pits, in Williamsburg. Coachella or Burning Man?





Men and boys danced in circles around the fires.¬†Women and girls aren’t allowed inside the gates.


This was another bonfire just around the corner, up on a stage.






A lot of females gathered  just outside the gates.









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