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Hi, I’m excited to launch the next chapter of the lovebryan group blog, wait okay. Now that it’s live, I’ll share some live photos!

These are some photos from shows I attended circa 2016-2017, in a variety of venues, from the DIY Secret Project Robot to Brooklyn Steel.


Caroline Polachek of Chairlift, at National Sawdust in Williamsburg. Their 3rd album, Moth, was just being released, and ended up being their final album before deciding to stop being Chairlift.

Caroline’s voice is next level, like on a diva or opera singer level, which is pretty amazing for an indie synth pop band.


WALL at Shea Statium, a DIY venue. My old friend Vanessa played drums, and Samantha was the singer, who was dressed as an egg, wearing all white with a yellow circle on her shirt, when I met her briefly at a Halloween rollerskating party, so i always refer to her as egg girl. Anyway, they were a new band and ready to go on tour with the Pixies until they broke up.


Fin at Secret Project Robot’s prior location on Melrose in Bushwick. The performance was sick with minimal equipment and projections.


Prince Rama are a vibey now-age-y synth pop band. When I first met the front woman, Taraka Lawson, her and a friend put their heads against a clear pyramid with mini electric plasma balls, and asked me to judge which had a stronger aura.

Wait, reference pic!:


These two were from their record release at Baby’s.


Kitten at Baby’s All Right. I think i came across Kitten randomly at Baby’s All Right. They’re a young group playing 80s style pop, one review read it’s like they uncovered master tapes from the 80s. I recommend giving their self titled album a quick listen to see what I’m talking about.


A Haitian band played at Baby’s, it was a party and this woman would do splits while the band came out into the crowd.


LCD Soundsystem announced they were Back From the Dead. I think there was a ticket lottery but they sold out immediately. But then on the day of, I swung by Webster Hall and found out tickets were available in person, my favorite way to buy tickets.


It was one of the rare performances I teared up being full of emotions since I thought I’d never get to see them ever.



London O’Connor performing at Olivia Bee’s book release at Aperture Foundation.


The bassist from Chain and the Gang, an Ian Svenonius project, at Market Hotel.


Dinosaur Jr. at House of Vans. This is what it’s like to see a band when everyone is taller than you.


Blood Orange at Terminal 5, after the release of Freetown Sound.


Freetown Sound didn’t have as many guitar solos as I would’ve liked, but it had a lot of other amazing.


Worthless Band at an event series called Ambient Church, in Greenpoint, with Drippy Eye Projections, projecting light through drops of water, oils, and colors.


Alec! Alec Castillo plays bass in Nude Party, and is a photographer and guest blogger on this blog.


This is the keyboard player from Future Punx, an 80s Devo style band. They play a lot of local venues but this one was at someone’s loft, for a fundraiser.


Chairlift announced they were calling it quits, and played a series of farewell shows. This one was at Baby’s All Right.


Maria Usbeck.


Chairlift’s final show at the brand new concert hall, Brooklyn Steel.



Tall Juan at Baby’s All Right.






Josh Wildman of Slam Section. They’re a hardcore or punk band comprised of Max Fish family. I hadn’t seen them play til this show at House of Vans, and was definitely impressed.





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